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i've been watching the fediverse for an hour and the main themes have been:

- hungry
- horny
- art
- hrt
- socialism

which im pretty sure is actually maslows hierarchy of needs

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listening to my roommates debating the relative merits of captain america and iron man and tempted to just burst into the room and shout "THEYRE BOTH TERRIBLE"

sometimes i read some posts online and realize i despise whoever posted them

nothing worse than a 40-second unfunny comedy bit in the middle of a vine compilation


i just found the most bafflingly excellent homestuck fanfic

help im trapped watching purring kitten videos



sex, drugs 


trying to design "THE thing" is so much more stressful than just trying to design "A thing"

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I just spent an hour getting to the doctors but my appointment is apparently tomorrow, lmao

least I had a good walk in the park on the way here

i invited my friends to pride and one of them just told the group chat that he wants to march with the PSL, does anybody know how tankie they are?

god arguing with tankies is infuriating

click at your own risk 

i like talking to myself cause im a good conversationalist

goal: milkshake fash

problem: fash are surrounded by cops with riot shields

solution: jai alai thrower

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