literally everything about autonomous cars is bad, and that's honestly remarkable because you'd at least think we'd bumble into doing something good through the research being put into them

They're not even fun.
It's like the automatic gearbox: worse in every way except for human laziness.

@alyaza it seems like they at least have the potential to be much safer if they were being developed in more careful conditions ☹️

@scanlime @alyaza
Uber's cars seem to be awful for this. Seen the news on the accident?

@jospanner @alyaza yeah, i am not saying Uber's thing is any good, just that it's more a problem with priorities than an intrinsic issue with the idea of automated driving

@alyaza they brake automatically now that’s pretty good

@alyaza Mapillary has a toolchain for autonomous cars that is available for OpenStreetMap use. I certainly wouldn't trust a car driving down the road exclusively based on automated detections given its high misidentification rate. But it is high enough that it's helping me build a better transit map of my city than the city's official GTFS data.

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