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I've been wanting to take this photo for a long time, and I finally was there at late enough that I could get the shot.

I learned a bunch from this one (and didn't have the lens I wanted to use for it 'cause I broke it ;~;) and will try it again for a better result some time in the near future. I feel this was a good proof of concept, though. ^^

I think it would be a neat idea to make a list of closely associated instances, a kind of "these instances interact a lot/overlap in users/have a similar ethos" kind of thing?

From the Solarpunk Aesthetic tumblr:

Biotechnologist Marin Sawa and her University of London research group have created a proof-of-concept for printing solar cells onto paper using carbon nanotubes and cyanobacteria.

This technology is "[...] capable of generating a sustained electrical current both in the dark (as a ‘solar bio-battery’) and in response to light (as a ‘bio-solar-panel’) with potential applications in low-power devices."

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Hey #gardening Masto, do you have suggestions for drainage? I have some hanging containers left over from the landlord, and I just realized they have 0 drainage. Should I just drill holes in the bottom, or is there a better solution?

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Finally, here's a big sluggo. A big slimy boy!

Damn was this trip good though. Guzzled down about a quarter gallon of water. Learned to identify a new plant. Saw gorgeous scenery!

Parks are great y'all. 💚

Half a mile uphill, then another half a mile through hilly terrain gets me to the falls. On the way back I detour slightly to check out the remnants of one of the old water dams as well. 💙

This trail used to be coal mining territory; signage tells you to be careful of collapsed tunnels! Thankfully I am not a truck and not too worried about the 5000 lb limit.

The trailhead had pictures of flowers, so I decided to play a little scavenger hunt. I never found wild rose, but I did find some lovely foxglove 🦊! Also found what look remarkably similar to raspberries!

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A really cool episode of the podcast 99% Invisible, describing both the insecurity that people living in mobile homes face, and the growth of a movement of cooperative ownership amongst mobile home owners.

[99% Invisible] 307- Immobile Homes via @PodcastAddict

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