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Please RT, Boost, share this post (very close to hitting goal, thank you all my guardians)

*hugs you all* here is the gofundme link for my car crash if anyone can help me. I am scared to ask and humbled having doing so. thank you all for any and all help yall can provide in my dark days.

4th day boost. will be ending in a few days. anything helps including sharing.

love you all. thank you soooo much *one arm hugs softly everyone*

@Leucrotta I'd be happy to, friend! Let me know when you got a day free and are available to do so. 💙

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A young female welder adjusts her goggles, Groton, Connecticut, 1943. Photograph by Bernard Hoffman.

Help Rae the Doe: after a recent comic suggested gamers should support the 250 ppl laid off by Telltale, Olive Brinker (Rae's creator) had to deactivate her account because of the subsequent mass harassment by the GooberGrape movement.

If you can, please support Olive on patreon at She does amazing work for the trans community and deserves support during this attack.

These trails are definitely a lot more preened and worked on than many of the rougher trails further out east, but the park and especially the beach and sea cliffs are gorgeous. 💙

Discovery Park 2/2

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