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From the Solarpunk Aesthetic tumblr:

Biotechnologist Marin Sawa and her University of London research group have created a proof-of-concept for printing solar cells onto paper using carbon nanotubes and cyanobacteria.

This technology is "[...] capable of generating a sustained electrical current both in the dark (as a ‘solar bio-battery’) and in response to light (as a ‘bio-solar-panel’) with potential applications in low-power devices."



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Finally, here's a big sluggo. A big slimy boy!

Damn was this trip good though. Guzzled down about a quarter gallon of water. Learned to identify a new plant. Saw gorgeous scenery!

Parks are great y'all. 💚

Half a mile uphill, then another half a mile through hilly terrain gets me to the falls. On the way back I detour slightly to check out the remnants of one of the old water dams as well. 💙

This trail used to be coal mining territory; signage tells you to be careful of collapsed tunnels! Thankfully I am not a truck and not too worried about the 5000 lb limit.

The trailhead had pictures of flowers, so I decided to play a little scavenger hunt. I never found wild rose, but I did find some lovely foxglove 🦊! Also found what look remarkably similar to raspberries!

More pictures from Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park, this time from one of the more major trails 💚

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I'd seen mention of other gardeners using plastic bottles and plastic bottle components as makeshift greenhouses for seedlings, so I thought I'd try it out with the basil. We'll see how it goes :]

Baby greens from the garden! If I've done this correctly, the plants should keep producing new leaves, ensuring more salads to come 🍃

We have all 🎵
The thyme 🌱
In the world~

A device that uses clay soil and tiny grass seeds to 3D print structures that will later grow grass and become green.


Kayenta Solar Project, built and owned by the Navajo Nation.

Decided to take some pictures of my garden for the new sunbeam.city account! Here's some pictures of my garden bed, plus a few of my adventures in basic container gardening.

Currently growing:
-Mixed leafy greens / salad greens
-Onion pearls
-Not pictured: basil plants (still sprouting)

I'm still a fledgling gardener, so tips for further expansion into growing food at home are appreciated!