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My accounts!
@adeptomega - General account. Very furry, plus slice of life stuff, politics, shitposting, plus I'll talk about my chainmail crafts occasionally.

@adeptomega - Solarpunk account! A lot of my gardening stuff will go here, some politics, some futurism, some socialism.

USPol; Poverty; Injustice Show more

USPol; Poverty; Injustice Show more

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Looking at how elaborate the rules and training for processing WIC checks are is just a reminder how much simpler and easier direct cash aid would be by comparison. x-x

You're developing something for humans and you need to consider human actors as part of the architecture. That includes malicious ones.

Gamergate should be as much a factor in how you go about developing FOSS social media as wanting data privacy and not liking ads.

black woman climbed statue of liberty (POL) Show more

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I don't care what you have to say about us leftist queer folks.

We have cuties.

Your argument is invalid.

I’m sick to death of people being precious about #GMO produce. Functionally there is no difference between a grape bred to have little or no seed and a grape that has been modified in a lab for the same thing. Y’all are just scared of science.

You wanna talk about #Monsanto charging for “licenses” for their crops, ok. Talk about agribusiness killing the planet, ok. Talk about corporations copyrighting genetic code, ok. These are all valid concerns.

But the science is sound.