Less than 2 weeks til ! Have you made plans already? Post them in the replies!

Tons of people have been sharing their plans over on tumblr! If you intend to participate in next week, we'd love to hear what you have in mind!

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I'll probably just do regular stuff and then think about if I can toot some of it for #SolarpunkActionWeek .

(Like today a put a few random bean-seeds in the ground)


Also today, we wrote the invitations to the anual meeting of our local #gardening-club!

.... #SolarpunkActionWeek ;-)

@actionweek seed bombs and finding something to do with the fabric sausage I have

@actionweek it’s still a bit early for spring planting here, so I am thinking about hosting a mending party? Everyone finds some things that are perfectly good but needs to be hemmed/repaired/etc and we all spend the afternoon fixing them

@actionweek 1. Start the seeds for our food garden(s)

Kill the green manure on the front hill, cover it with another hefty layer of compost, then spread wildflower seeds (unfortunately, the steepness, lack of sunlight, and overall terrible soil quality of that hill makes it difficult and not worth it to grow food there - so wildlife habitat it shall be!)
Visit a new community garden that opened up in my city
Have the first in-person meeting for a small affinity group I’m starting, which will include printing zines and posters for each member to distribute around the city and planning more fun events
Build another pallet bench and do absolutely 0 crimes with it, just keep it safely and legally on my property

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