Greeks don't normally get to complain about cultural appropriation because the things we usually think are being appropriated from us were never really "ours" in the first place. We were happy fishermen and goat herders calling ourselves "romioi" (romans) and then a bunch of westerners who read some books came and started calling us descendants of the ancients. And to be free from the Turks, we played along and learned from them how to be "proper" descendants of the ancients.


That's not to say there is no link in our Greek culture(s) going all the way back to the bronze age. It's the goddam Greek language and it perfectly illustrates that greekness has evolved and changed in a 3000 year old way. That's a lot of fucking change, a lot of fucking complexity to hide under the word "descendants". We have way way waaaaaaay more in common with 21st century Turks, Bulgarians, Italians etc than we do with the ancients.

Yet Greek nationalists, from the Greek state and its history books all the way down to the fascists of Golden Dawn, claim exactly the opposite.

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