My also includes space exploration. Think the Belter culture from the Expanse books or the Areophany from the Mars Trilogy.

Big, interesting challenge: escaping the Earth's gravity well without fossil fuels.

@acharnes this sounds like a good thing to add to my Solarpunk future post what do you think?

I must read the Expanse books. I love the series.

@GwenfarsGarden rust sounds like a cool project! What do I need to do?

@acharnes just write a sentence or paragraph on something you'd like to see in a . I'll then include it in the post, which I'll probably be publishing by this Wed.

@acharnes if you'd still like to contribute, I'm not publishing the post until Sunday. So get something to me by Saturday evening. It can be just a sentence or a couple of para's.

@GwenfarsGarden I'm so sorry I never got back to you. Life is being a bit too busy to take on more commitments :(

@acharnes I totally understand that & it's no problem. I just tooted to you in case you did have time, I didn't want you to think I'd left you out :)

As it turned out, my health has been worse than usual and it's meant I've not had the energy/time to finish putting it together & publish when I planned. I hope to publish this Friday.

@GwenfarsGarden ❤️🌈🌄 it's so fucked up that I'm in a place where imagining a beautiful future feels to me like yet another commitment. Thank you for including me and I really hope you feel better.

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