Asked on scuttlebutt, but I'll ask here too: If there was a group that gave grants of $1,000 every month to different projects, what would be some efforts that you'd nominate?

I would choose to help fund the education and/or tools/materials needed to start grow ops in food deserts 😊 specifically Indigenous and severely impoverished communities in Canada. Canada has a really bad problem with access to affordable nutritional food.

Local produce from communal gardens / streetside gardens, and proper education — at a young age and getting progressively more in-depth as they get older — for children in schools to be properly taught about the issues of our time. Not in a half-arsed way, but witg a more serious and sensible approach so that the children grow up to be properly aware and hopefully to then make life choices for a more positive world.

@puffinus_puffinus No question that is a great area to fund, but it's not clear how $1k can make a meaningful drop in that bucket.

@NoGodsNoSenpais this is an awesome list. It feels that with many of these, $1k wouldn't be significant. It wouldn't change the line between this happens and this doesn't happen.

I'm thinking about a system similar to

@abrahms and - both are really amazing. They have quite a few projects, but many revolve around getting indigenous peoples of rainforests legal rights to their lands. This allows them to stop illegal deforestation and mining operations in places like the Brazilian rainforest, which incidentally is one of the key regions of the planet full of trees that are currently working hard to keep the earth inhabitable for all humans. is also good.

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