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@kev hey before you get defederated i wanted to say that i left fosstodon because i felt that if i pointed out any harmful content, the administration would be offended by me doing so.

i wanted to move somewhere where respect and understanding are defaults, rather than being flouted by individuals and mocked by the collective as signs of weakness.

i'm glad i made the decision to leave before you could make me explictly unwelcome. enjoy preaching to the converted.

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It is time for tech workers to realize that we are not elite. We are a labor class, one that is increasingly disenfranchised and marginalized. We come to work, build code or servers to specifications, and then we go home. Companies look to minimize pay and benefits, to prevent workers from organizing, and at the same time instill the promise of the mission so workers will stay loyal.

Nothing we do is magic. Tech work is a skill, like any other. It is a skill that some can't perform. I can't lift heavy shit or mix concrete or design bridges or fly a plane. Some folks can't code or sysadmin. Some folks are better at these skills than others. This is the general human condition, in the context of skills and learning, and no one is better or more elite than anyone else because of their skills or lack thereof.

I have watched companies time and time again refuse to offer mentorship and training because their more skilled workers couldn't be bothered. They stop offering lower-skilled jobs because the more skilled workers refuse to work with people "who can't keep up".

It's just awful and it's a situation that we white men of tech created, encourage, and sustain.
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"Rape culture in Pakistan is the embodiment of a constant and carefully nurtured power struggle, which disdainfully disregards that female wounds are deeper than male ‘desires’. "

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Found this awesome video essay explaining . Reminds me of kaptainkristian's videos

"Yes, the classicists need to work with the scientists, but the physicists also need to work with the biologists, the economists must work with the psychologists, and everyone has to work with the statisticians."

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Chomsky on decentralization

Reminds me that decentralization was a political idea before it was a technological one.

h/t @LPS

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Apple's hardware aesthetics have an almost terraforming effect: the sleek MacBook makes the rest of your desk look cluttered and irregular, their stores feel like alien temples you must assimilate into the customs of. I would like technology to feel more like going down to a local co-op hardware store where a lesbian sells you a hammer you will own for 30 years.

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I try to think of these hardware and software project goals as acts of political imagination: in a world that has stopped capitalism's stranglehold on our species, what does personal computing look like? What choices do we have, how does ownership work, what are the aesthetics? What does it mean for technology to have aesthetics independently of consumerism?

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The thing that's really wrong with computing is that the brief period where we "owned" our computers was an anomaly; the norm is that we just lease computers that are under the control of somebody else.

In the beginning that was literally true: you leased the computer, and the computer came with software that you could not modify.

Then you owned the computer but bought or leased the software, but you still couldn't modify much if anything.

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A big issue is that it's really hard to make money selling hardware if you don't control the platform. Manufacturing is too competitive. This should be a boon to consumers, but it's not because the IP is tightly controlled. Open system designs can blow that wide open. That's starting to happen now but it's up to us to support those designs by contributing and using them where we can. Even when it means giving up performance and functionality and paying more.

Facebook colludes with the Pakistani government to silence "blasphemers" and critics of the state.

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The disconnect between the scale of issues facing today's society and the minute reality of my life is often frustrating. It's difficult to focus on the mundane when you are aware of much bigger issues. Thoughts?

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Since the whole #HackerNarratives blogpost would be unseemly long, I decided to publish the first chapter - on popculture:

"For years, we've been accepting the capitalistic and individualistic narratives on technology, painting an invention as a work of a single, exceptional individual - not years of work of the whole scientific community or a group of engineers."

#popculture #freesoftware

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