"Rape culture in Pakistan is the embodiment of a constant and carefully nurtured power struggle, which disdainfully disregards that female wounds are deeper than male ‘desires’. "


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Found this awesome video essay explaining . Reminds me of kaptainkristian's videos


"Yes, the classicists need to work with the scientists, but the physicists also need to work with the biologists, the economists must work with the psychologists, and everyone has to work with the statisticians."

question for grassroots activists: How do you make time to support and participate in your local activist groups? How do you make you sure you stay engaged and connected with your comrades long term? Do you feel guilty when you often have to compromise on your praxis because of your personal/work life?

Heat becoming unbearable in Pakistan these days. 43 - 47 degrees on the regular in many cities. Expensive air conditioning is starting to feel like a necessity. It's kinda worrying

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Chomsky on decentralization

Reminds me that decentralization was a political idea before it was a technological one.

h/t @LPS

What the hell is happening to Sofar Sounds? I used to love going to their shows. They are the last organization I would've expected to pivot into a soulless commercial startup. We do not need an "Uber" for intimate live shows. They're one of the few authentic and communal experiences left in the all-encompassing digitalization of society.


Wasn't expecting political commentary from my favourite site for pirating MOOCs lol

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Apple's hardware aesthetics have an almost terraforming effect: the sleek MacBook makes the rest of your desk look cluttered and irregular, their stores feel like alien temples you must assimilate into the customs of. I would like technology to feel more like going down to a local co-op hardware store where a lesbian sells you a hammer you will own for 30 years.

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I try to think of these hardware and software project goals as acts of political imagination: in a world that has stopped capitalism's stranglehold on our species, what does personal computing look like? What choices do we have, how does ownership work, what are the aesthetics? What does it mean for technology to have aesthetics independently of consumerism?

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boutique handheld discourse has me really wishing there was a homebrew platform that excelled at:
- cheap, widely available, open (as much as possible) hardware
- SDK + simulator that runs on anything
- large community of people hacking on it & sharing knowledge
- diverse, welcoming culture that views games as an art form, doesn't care about the boundary between "game" and other stuff

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The thing that's really wrong with computing is that the brief period where we "owned" our computers was an anomaly; the norm is that we just lease computers that are under the control of somebody else.

In the beginning that was literally true: you leased the computer, and the computer came with software that you could not modify.

Then you owned the computer but bought or leased the software, but you still couldn't modify much if anything.

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A big issue is that it's really hard to make money selling hardware if you don't control the platform. Manufacturing is too competitive. This should be a boon to consumers, but it's not because the IP is tightly controlled. Open system designs can blow that wide open. That's starting to happen now but it's up to us to support those designs by contributing and using them where we can. Even when it means giving up performance and functionality and paying more.

Facebook colludes with the Pakistani government to silence "blasphemers" and critics of the state.


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