since this doesn't need to be a Gaming™ machine anymore (i have separate parts set aside for a new gaming-only build), i'm just gonna switch to my skylake igpu which means it's netbsd 9.2 time. i do want to play with current but maybe only in a VM for now. experiences thus far:

- installer asks for keymap first, but doesn't apply it (remains qwerty after selecting us-dvorak; tested multiple times); i should bring this up via official channels
- aside from incorrect refresh rate (which iirc is easily fixable and i never really expect any system to pick up refresh rate first go) graphics don't seem to be a problem at all on intel; blissful
- ctwm is good and has never harmed anyone

making the console use dvorak is very easy, making X use dvorak is very confusing

workaround is disabling xdm and using ~/.xinitrc with setxkbmap. i think i need to figure out where the default .xsession that xdm uses is, and either change it or figure out how to override it. xdm supposedly uses .xsession in user's home directory, which i tried, but i may have cocked something up; i'll mess with it later, i'm not super concerned about it now that i've got something working. .xresources also seems to be different when launch via startx as opposed to xdm; need to play with that.

www/arcticfox failed to compile, sumfing about file-check results for py39-expat; rip, i'll figure it out tomorrow, my housemates are urging me to "spend more time with the family and stop messing with computers" lol

maybe i should save the whole installing from source thing until i get a 16 core cpu or something o.O "let me just set this up real quick" turns into an hour plus of waiting. (also i don't know the best way to keep software up to date with source, should probably have looked into that). but i don't feel like reinstalling just to switch, i'll try to get used to it. i'll compile something small next to make myself feel better. :p i have become an impatient child.

installing from source is very good, actually. while waiting for arctic fox to compile, i missed my partner, went to go cuddle her and we both fell back asleep for a bit after waking up against our will. compile time = cuddle time. this is a feature.

also, i compiled catgirl right afterwards and it was very quick. the web is just a massive os in the sky now so that which connects to it must be very strong and chunky, big compile thymes.

i... think i should switch to binaries lol. just had to compile clang on one thread.

it's now compiling rustc? it's actually somewhat painful because i was just trying to give fvwm3 a spin bc i haven't touched it yet. if this is what it takes to build it, i think i'll stick with fvwm 2.6 or whatever. :p

i feel like a child who should not have access to a computer but does and this is a good feeling

refusing to add agpl to list of acceptable licenses to own the gnus. this, of course, comes at the cost of no ghostscript. i think there might be a way to set the gpl version as default instead of agpl one but i also read that the gpl version has some vulnerability or whatever? but mostly cba and i'm just trying to live without it because limitations breed creativity uwu

using openbox instead of fvwm for the extreme nostalgia (and quicker customisation) and my desktop is beginning to look very cute. :3 maybe i should post netbsd propaganda on r/unixporn and r/usabilityporn or something.

arctic fox very good but i might bite the bullet and compile firefox-esr for some sites as needed. do not like modern web. but sometimes ya just gotta use Nightly ESR. 😔 the old reliable Not Associated With Mozilla™ WarmMammal. BlazingCanid. VulpesInferno. HotDog.

w4100 gives black screen after boot, keyboard unresponsive, have to force power off. compiling radeon drivers failed due to missing package 'glamor'. i'll get there. the night is young.

later re-draft: no, this feels like a wall. i'll tinker with it tomorrow, i'm sleepie.

i think my problem is that i'm completely ignorant to the differences between modular xorg and monolithic xorg. it might not hurt to do a little reading, back up, purge, then reinstall at some point seeing as i gave myself a root partition that's kind of tight size-wise (i like to have a separate /home, it just feels safe lol).


the temptation to run current if i purge vs the fact that i'm a layman that skims documentation and has no idea what i'm doing (i should stick with 9.2)

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