If I didn't have a job? If I didn't work? No need for a car. Audio books and gardening all day. Visiting neighbors for the fuck of it. Feeding stray cats. Just makin hecka art for the fuck of it. Givin it away because I have everything I need.

@Wewereseeds that sounds so nice.

I've been staring wistfully at music keyboards and audacity thinking what if I taught myself to make music, or bought a couple of microphones and could just have people over to play tabletop games and make a podcast. And how great it would be to do all off that with out the pressure to monetize it.

To just have hobbies and share them with the world because I thought they might make other people smile.

@Wewereseeds I sometimes wonder what the me who hasn't had his individuality and motivation crushed by capitalism is like. Does he have actual hobbies, skills that he's had energy to practice, rather than just social media and youtube all day to recoup after trying to make rent? Is he able to cultivate more and better relationships, rather than having his emotional energy drained by service work? What is he defined by if not resistance and stress?

@Wewereseeds I'm still not owning a car. Not that I my lack of situational awareness would make that a viable option even if I didn't hate cars and car culture

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