@Wewereseeds its stupid to say no rules when our lives are ruled and governed by elements we do not control.

@cosmic no, it says no r u l e r s like rhe tool you use to keep your words straight? Because their sign is crooked.

@Wewereseeds plus it is a concept like utopian that had never been yet prooved to work.

@cosmic @Wewereseeds Utopias are a goal, not because they have been proven to work, but because they are an ideal to strive for.

@cosmic @Wewereseeds and as far as things outside our control, that doesn't necessarily require a formal government, just a community working in cooperation with each other

@Wewereseeds please try to credit the artist when you post art thanks!

@em I justed looked up where I got this from!
The artists is Rae the Doe and here's the Patreon:
Thanks for the reminder!

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