Yeah, the binarist answer to enby existence is "give them a special box they can check!" as a way to, like, even the score. And not actually inspect why there are even gender boxes on the stuff we're talking about anyway. Same goes with bathrooms. I mean, sure, you can build a third, all access bathroom. Or you could just rip the signs off your doors and go about your day. Eliminate gender, don't just give us an "other" option.

Watching binarists try to accomodate enbies is like watching a child do math the hard way. Like, sure, you could try and track down all the label options and create an intricate drop-down list.... Or you could......Just hit that delete button on a couple lines of your document and.... Do a better job of inclusion?

@Wewereseeds Sometimes I get people defaulting to “they” without asking me what I call myself because I am NB because I am that third gender that takes “they.”

@Wewereseeds And yeah, thanks for articulating what bothers me a little about that.

@some_qualia one of these days we're gonna get past the whole "i mean, it's good that you're using this as your default" and move on to "but this isn't the new default, please"

@Wewereseeds Gender non-binary ppl: I don’t feel comfortable in either of these boxes.

Gender bindery identifying people: *nod and begin making a third box*

@Wewereseeds "but I need gender on this form!!!!"

buddy just use a text box problem fucking solved

@Wewereseeds look. my video streaming service HEAVILY relies on the user's gender. i NEED this. you can't take my checkboxes away from me... no... NO... I NEED TO CATEGORISE YOUUUUuuu

@Wewereseeds Because, as Obi-Wan would put it, the Cis deal only in absolutes.


> as a way to, like, even the score

you say that as if it's a casual decision, but things like Title IX mandate at least some type of eveness

the way the question is framed may be bad, but often enough they have to at least ask

i mostly agree with this, but binarist/binarism isnt just nb erasure/nb discrimination

it specifically is related to western colonialism and imperialisms enforcement of their gender binary, gender roles, and expressions, onto other non-white cultures and people groups. to ascribe it to anyone who enforces the gender binary is an oversimplification and also just false.

so basically maybe dont use that word bc its specifically tied to racism.

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