Serious recommendation: if you like solarpunk, look into AfroFuturism. It's been around -way- longer, and tbh, solarpunk was probably inspired by it. The aesthetics and ideals often overlap, and there's way more lore and fiction to read! Also, you'll be giving a platform to people that have great ideas and need the attention.

@Wewereseeds you don't have to start the fire.

It's been burning since the world's been turning.

@Wewereseeds don't worry you don't have to say it I'll say it and you can just vaguely gesture in my direction

@imani love u frend wouldn't ever wish the White Chuds on you

The destiny of earthseed is to take root among the stars 🌱

Octavia E. Butler!

Tho I suppose she's not strictly afrofuturist :thaenkin:

@yams_gamgee Ooooh! I would have appreciated that credit, would have made so much more sense to me. I def consider her of the afro-futurist style, and influential in those circles.

@Wewereseeds told my good friend @kizziahblue that solarpunk is like/ owes a lot to Afrofuturism on the phone today and now she's joined the site!

@Wewereseeds really good point. The Binti novels are a great example of this.

@Wewereseeds Other than the superficial details, it's never been super clear to me what it means.

It sounds awesome though. I do have theories why some people would prefer to write Solarpunk though, even if it means the same thing.

There's also Indigenous Futurisms!! It was inspired by AfroFuturism and there are tons of written works and art pieces for it! So if anyone is looking for more stuff to read/see or even just cool Indigenous stuff it's def worth checking out!

I personally highly recommend Rebecca Roanhorse's book "Trail of Lightning" (and the sequel is set to come out this year), but there's plenty of other stuff that can be found if you look online

@brorigami this is so fucking good to know thank you for sharing it makes total sense

@Wewereseeds Thank you. I must confess I had to do some googling and reading to understand the connection. Becoming curious.

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