I've been goin hard on solarpunk aesthetic and ideals lately. But let's not forget some other punk categories that heavily overlap, and some key features that might attract you:
Hopepunk is an umbrella term in which solarpunk sits. It is defined by the ideal that being hoepful is, at this point in our timeline, incredibly counterculture.
Some things you can do to be a hopepunk:
-sift through all the depressing news articles to find the stuff that talks about life saving inventions or the fact that flowers can hear bees
-love and support your friends, loved ones, and comrades
-make art that inspires others to be happy, mindful, or loving
-fix your shit up because no matter what repair culture is punk as hell
-do things with people that make you feel good about the future.

Another category that fits under hopepunk, and alligns very closely tonsolarpunk (to the point of being nearly indistinguishable) is flowerpunk.
-The color pallate has a lot of variety and different hues.
-does your tie, necklace, hat have even one single flower on it? That shit's flowerpunk
-seed bombs
-taking pictures of flowers to share with friends/online
-being so colorful and bright that bees are attracted to you
-smelling like flowers
If you do literally any of those things, or even if you just like the phrase 'flowerpunk' better than solarpunk, but want to keep the solarpunk tactics, guess what? You're a flowerpunk.

This is a long thread but I'm almost done. I saved the beat for last: LUNARPUNK
-harder, edgier, darker than solarpunks
-work with space, underwater, underground, late night construction
-much more of a metalic heavy color palette
-are you a goth who respects the solarpunk community but will never ever step within 100 feel of yellow/green/pink? LUNARPUNK.
-not the antithesis to solar, but the nocturnal compliment to solarpunk culture.
-mushrooms too, because they crave death and darkness just like you
-again i repeat BIOLUMINESCENCE
-bats and other creepy crawlies that get eeked at by those flimsy solarpunks are your biffles
-the ideals: the sun is not always there for us, and someone must sleep eventually. When those times come, lunarpunks get to work. Midnight construction, and the knowledge that we must accept all types into our way of life, or suffer the consequences of lack of diversity.


How could I forget TIDALPUNK?????
-newest iteration of the solar/lunarpunk aesthetic
-marine biology
-your hair looking like a tropical ocean
-dressing in various shades of blue flowy things that make you feel like a lake
-your bathroom is coral themed? My entire house is ocean themed, get gud!
-water-based renewable power sources
-marine life preservation
-you can basically wear any color because marinelife is the mist diverse, but why can't you stop wearing blue?
-you wanna live on the beach/in a boat, but only because you can't live underwater.........Yet
-seaweed is life

This one is definitely for @swirlz i miss u boo and all your tidalpunky goodness

@Wewereseeds hells. motherfucking. yes.

Related: seapunk is already a musical genre, sooooo

@wraidd i imagine pirates, but communist, would be a Major Tidalpunk Mood.
What does seapunk sound like? Does it sound like communist pirates?

@Wewereseeds Lemme dig up my Pandora station and you can take a listen yourself.

It's not really what you'd expect and I'm not what you'd call a fan, exactly, buuut

(For communist airship pirates I recommend Abney Park.)

@Wewereseeds Also most pirates were at least communist-adjacent so

@Wewereseeds Bugger, it looks like I deleted my seapunk station >< I'll have to remake it. In the meantime, here's the Wikipedia article on it that lists some artists:


@Wewereseeds @wraidd If I remember well, some groups of pirates founded pretty advanced egalitarian societies, like a sort of proto-communism. If I find some online refs I'll tell you.

@Wewereseeds oh gosh I may need to change my username bc I like this even better

@solarpunkagorism hell yeah, i need to see more hopepunk aesthetics being repped it makes me so happy


DesertPunk (see also: Afrofuturism, as previously mentioned)

Too tired to expand currently

@SallyStrange i just saw genderpunk used both unironically and ironically yeaterday, and you know what? Hell yes.

Ultimately there's a punk ethos for each ecosystem and as such it's going to have to look to indigenous knowledge for leadership and inspiration


If we build a tidal generator in the bay of Fundy it would change how the bay reflects waves and cause more erosion in Boston.

@Wewereseeds You could also add VELOPUNK to this list, if bicycle aesthetics and cities built around bicycling seem a proper fit.

@Wewereseeds holy heck i've never heard of any of these but they're all beautiful and I love them

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