Repeating because this is still relevant: we will always need a front line. But the front line is useless if there is nothing to protect. We, leftists, radicals, comrades, need to STOP romanticizing and prioritizing massive rowdy street protest as the zenith of resistance tactics. It's inherently exclusive and an ideology fascists share, and it puts us at the disadvantage. We need to be able to use all our abilities, and so far "punching them in the face" only makes up a small percentage of what has been proven as effective. Widen your scope of praxis, yesterday.

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@Wewereseeds The protests and the violence are a small part, I agree with that. However, this small part is extremely important, because it is the only way to make all the other things we do relevant.

Get into mutual aid, build communities, learn a craft and garden, the range of things you can do to make the world a better place is massive. But without the front line, all this work is threatened by corporations and the state. Both violent and non violent praxis work together and complement each other.

@chupacabra @Wewereseeds

Also, our front line is continually at risk of being isolated and picked out as the 'bad' activists.

Often people who fail to understand the need for militant action do join our community kitchens, repair cafes etc.
And then when the time comes for a fight, suddenly half of the people that you thought were comrades are condemning violence and talking to cops.

Romanticizing the fight: no Vocally supporting the frontline from the kitchen and the repair cafe: YES

@queeranarchism @chupacabmis
if this were a discussion that included centrists, liberals, or anyone that doesn't already have our understandings, they'd quickly tart seeing me as the black bloc militant i can be. I do understand the respectability politics that goes into shaming our front lines. I do not stand for it. However, I'm talking to -us- and I have struggled over and over with the internal toxicity of prioritizing "getting teargassed with me" over "has spent the last year compiling data for me and reports a comrade as abusive". The street presence is not more or less necessary than all the other tactics of change, it just gets the most attention for better or worse. I'm tired of having to defend my tactics to people who only see brute force as an option, because that's what brough them to the fight (bless their heart).

I think I know how you feel and I think I agree.

I just mentioned that other side because I've also observed that in self-proclaimed anarchist spaces, community kitchens etc, quite a few people who call themselves 'us' are prepared to sell out the frontline when it gets scary. Especially in legalized spaces or spaces that rarely deal with the threat of eviction.

So yeah, it's a balance.

@queeranarchism it's tricky, navigating those that demonize violence, and those that revel in it, and trying to form a movement that encompasses both


Exactly right.

Counterprotests & even direct confrontation are only a small part of the puzzle. The forces we face have nearly unlimited access to institutional power, wealth, legal aid, firearms etc.

We defeat the fascists in part by undermining them, invalidating them, sabotaging them, and simultaneously building something better.

@Wewereseeds full agreement, the blowback from "punching a Nazi" can do more harm than good. Although Richard Spencer deserved it. 💯

@ethoslibre i'm all for doing so publicly if this nazi is getting too loud, but the preference is always to try and not get cameras on it. Ideally, any attention in their direction must be discouraged, once they have been put in their place.

@Wewereseeds the thing about Spencer is yeah he was loud, and yes it was effective he admitted he was afraid. Which is good. He is willing to treat others as sub human but when it comes to him he cries. It's funny how these people are. They have 0 empathy but they can still feel pain smh.

@Wewereseeds I agree with both of the statements, however just punching randoms is a gift to the right. We need to realize the most important fight right now is the hearts and minds, without those we have no fists and we should try to gain public consensus before behaving in such a manner otherwise we will be seen as thugs to commoners. The so called "apolitical" will become political and either for us or against us, so it's important we don't look bad.

@ethoslibre yeah, this is starting to sound a bit like playing into respectability politics, so I'm gonna back out of the sweeping generalizations about optics. Like I get where you're coming from, but appealing to centrists will only be our undoing, my original point was about harm reduction, not aesthetics or public opinion.

@Wewereseeds no fuck centrists, it's more about apolitical people, working class people who can become conscious of class. It's important they can sympathize with us rather than fashie pieces of shit.

@ethoslibre so, like, if those people have a problem with violence, they're gonna find us anyway, because the other options breathe violently

@Wewereseeds they think they have a problem with violence, but at the end of the day they don't. They would support America's independence which required violence and if you can explain to them, that there's fundamentally no difference between what the founding fathers did and we want to do...

@Wewereseeds I see lots of people here saying that they are of equal importance, but really the conditions need to be right for that violence to lead to our goals.

@ethoslibre and also, i will never say one shouldn't punch a nazi.
Just so we're extra clear.

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