Here's the thing about forsaking capitalism. It will be the death of Convenienceā„¢.
A quick anecdote, to highlight exactly what I mean. Partner and I are driving out of town on the night of Thanksgiving this year. We are low on gas, and have 100 miles to go. The first gas station was closed, a small local pump in the middle of the country. We immediately started looking up the nearest station, and planning who we'd call first if we weren't able to find one open. We had not been prepared, did not realize the inconvenience, of needing gas on Thanksgiving. I have increasingly become aware of my own incovenient shopping and life choices that make me reliant on unethical work. The expectation that I can go grocery shopping at 11:00 pm on a holiday is taugh to us by a certain brand of convenience. If our infrstructure were to fall, we will never again achieve that level of convenience, even if we were later capable, imo.

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@Wewereseeds TBH the only time I've gotten mad at things like this are when it's columbus day becuace HRGGGGGGGGHGGGHNNNNN Columbus.

Otherwise, I really respect that if you're going to do something for me, triply so if I cannot do it myself, that it should be done when you are ready and able.

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