Boost if you are:
-tired of being misgendered
-ready for spring
-ready for prison abolition

@Wewereseeds perhaps somewhat ironically, I am extremely ready for all of these things except spring. (I like not being too hot for once in the year!)

@Wewereseeds ...just take my likes amd leave me to my easily predicted shame :p

Is it a "and" or a "or" ?

Because before being ready for spring, i'd like to see winter.

@Wewereseeds I'm ready for the metaphorical spring where all the current misery stops and people start rebuilding from the wreckage.

@PrisonHipster there are places to get cred that are not prison.
if you think about it, our entire country is a prison, in which to get cred?

@Wewereseeds I don't know, I'd probably still be a centrist dingus who thinks the system works if I hadn't been put through the Justice-o-Matic

@PrisonHipster well, you're assuming that prison would be abolished with no other changes to the culture, when in fact, the culture shift would have to be drastic in order to accomodate prison abolition

@Wewereseeds I definitely support prison abolition, I was just reflecting on my own history.

@Wewereseeds I would love for the system to work. Then I could believe the system worked and I would be right. Jayzus, can you imagine?

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