On that note, there's a few pictures that are related and very useful. wouldn't this be infrasctructure for resistance, too? Like the oldest form of?

@Wewereseeds @InvaderXan
I do especially like the idea of seed bombing places with edible wildflowers! Dandelions, for instance, have so many uses...

@Wewereseeds Chipping away at a monument piece by piece a little bit each day -that's badass

@Wewereseeds I have not done it yet but I have neighbors who put artificial turf in their front yard and i saved seeds from my garden to secretly them with, in just about six weeks. Having watched the installation last summer, I have selected a few varieties which I believe will thrive in the gravel and moisture layer below the actual turf and grow up through it.

@Wewereseeds "ruins, like monuments, don't build themselves" is such a badass quote. i love the advocacy for both subtle vandalism and subtle witchcraft

@Wewereseeds beware of invasive species when considering seeds for your seed bombs! The spread of invasive seed banks can really do a number on the ecosystem even within urban areas.

@Wewereseeds my dad taught me at least half that list. 👍 Don't know why that had such an impact on me
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