Remember when you clicked a serious cw and it was exactly the tone you expected?
Remember the days before people thought it was funny to drop in pee jokes to 'relieve tension' when serious stuff was getting discussed?
Remember back when dscourse cw's actually meant something, and weren't just being used as a tired fucking joke?
Remember how we took on a whole bunch of newbies that still need to learn the culture around cw's ?
Haha good times. Yeah.

I hate feeling like a buzzkill. I hate being that person that makes jokes less funny. I hate it. I want to like jokes. I want to be in on the funny. So why do we have to keep telling jokes that just yank people's emotional chains?

Gonna boost this until the meme dies out thanks

@Wewereseeds honestly this is what keeps me from using mastodon a lot, and twitter to an extent (thats just bad overall). i don't get where the fake cw stuff came from

@solarpunkcast it can get real tiresome, and if you're not already, you've gotta be rutheless with your mutes. I know exactly who started that, and its inception was harmless enough. It came from a place of frustration, seeing all this seriousness and pain on a site one uses to relieve that stress. But it took off, and it's grown beyond one person's frustrations, and grown into its own problem. And now the shitposter think people having a ptoblem with this meme is funny. Sigh.

@AzureKingfisher good! So do I. I like playing with the cw feature, but more as a way to enhance suspense and continue the joke, without giving people the mental equivalent of a surprise speed bump. I even think certain cw-use jokes help educate just how versatile and helpful to exposition cws can be! It's a really neat feature, and shoukd be played with, while still being respected as a tool.

@Wewereseeds I'm actually scared of playing with the feature because I don't want to cause hurt.

@AzureKingfisher that's hella valid, and in this climate, completely understandable. I hope we can learn exactly how to use the cw properly, and part of how we learn to use tools is playing in safety. Not having said safety right now makes that type of constructive learning hard.

@Wewereseeds this has been annoying me but I hadn't verbalised it. Thanks for doing so. CWs are so helpful, even necessary on some days.

People can always break jokes up into two toots instead of using CWs

@Wewereseeds how many ways do people have to say "don't undermine accessibility tools for jokes"?

CWs alerting readers to the presence of specific kinds of potentially stressful content are an accessibility tool. Image descriptions are an accessibility tool. Captions on video are an accessibility tool. You can absolutely be entertaining with them while being accurate with them - I have seen some fantastic image descriptions on here - but you gotta be accurate with them.

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