What I do know is that a lot of folks.. a lot... perform diversity and inclusion for the sake of appearing to be a progressive person.

But when it actually comes to incorporating the specific needs of people that do not match their chosen identity, how much of that do we see?

What I do see is a lot of effort being put into defending a version of diversity that makes whiteness comfortable, and not diversity itself.

Ha, and we're not supposed to notice because... feelings.

That's funny to me.

Haha idk maybe we should stop trying to reach out to other instances for coops and artists for showcases and stuff if our internal work as a community isn't in a healthy space like idk idk just havin thoughts out in the open for no reason.

I have never in my LIFE regretted not giving a cis dude more attention.

Abuser, meta 

Even if you haven't been incarcerated yourself, or if you have no family members who have been incarcerated, I urge you to think about the ways that the carceral system has touched and affected your life

the drive for prison abolition comes from the realization that incarceration (mass or otherwise!!!!) has affected your life whether you know it or not

So this has now happened to 2 passionfruit sprouts in my care. The plant looks healthy, except for this tiny portion at the base, which is shrivelled and brown. The others show no signs of this, and as you can see partially, there are swollen areas near where this one died.
What the heck?

When you meet somebody new that is deeply connected with a problematic creepy person. "Hi, nice weather."

Pride Month: A more obscure symbol, or at least one you don't see as often. Anodized aluminum, 19.5 inch pectoral, not a choker. Meant to lie with the bottom point of the triangle at the top of the sternum. Only one in stock. $45 including USA shipping to paypal.me/tarlimanjoppos or cash.app/$tarlimanjoppos #lesbian #blacktriangle #rainbow #maille #chainmail #pride #jewelry

gentle reminder that when you put joke pronouns in your bio it's really hard to tell if you're another trans person, an ally, or someone making fun of the idea of pronouns, which makes it difficult to know how to interact with you

Food from my garden 

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