Currently looking up info on the , and getting pretty confused on the actual facts of the situation. Any new users from willing to give a clearer explanation, or direct me somewhere easier to understand and not biased?

@Venom so there was this 500 year old Mosque called Babri situated in a region where Ram, a major figure in Hinduism was born. There was always contention regarding the land because it was holy for both Hindu and Muslim communities. In 1949 a movement was born, demanding the demolition of the mosque and the construction of a ram temple in its place. Fast forward to 1992, a mob formed by the BJP (the current ruling party in India and the political wing of RSS, an organization... 1/2

@Venom that believes that India should be an all Hindu country and considers Hitler their role model) destroyed the Mosque. This resulted in a lot of communal violence between Hindus and Muslims in the 90s. Today's verdict is over whether the mosque should be rebuilt or a temple should replace it. The verdict is important because the perpetrators of the 1992 riots never got punished and Muslims see the demolition as a historical injustice. Whereas Hindus consider the mosque... 2/3

@Venom a symbol of their oppressors under the Mughal emperors. 3/3

@Venom watch this documentary by acclaimed filmmaker Anand Patwardhan -Ram ke Naam (In The Name of Ram), a definite account of the Ayodhya case.
It's been sometime after this was made but it will give a good understanding on how a right-wing party made its way into electoral politics using religion to foment trouble and attacking and destroying the communal harmony of India. You can watch the documentary for just the sheer meticulousness and sincerity of the filmmaker.

@Venom The Babri Masjid  (translation: Mosque of Babur) was a mosque in Ayodhya, India. Located in Ayodhya district, at a spot believed by Hindus to be the birth place of Hindu deity Rama, it has been a bone of contention between the Hindu and Muslim communities since the 18th century.

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