What's your favorite quote about gardening?

I’m going with:

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Although I am also partial to Ron Finley’s “Gardening is the most therapeutic and defiant act you can do. Plus you get strawberries.”

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Since Hogwarts is not a real place*, I may just move to this totally badass climbing frame library in Vietnam. It has plants, and aquaponic system and chickens. And books, of course.


*By which, of course, I mean I'm a bit old for Hogwarts - unless they do Adult Education classes? If they do, I would totally build one of these in the Room of Requirement.

I've just bought my seed potatoes for my 2019 garden, and I've been pondering the wartime role of Potato Pete, and how that translates to more modern times.


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I’m enjoying watching the success of Led By Donkeys, who have been carrying out a guerilla advertising campaign exposing the bollocks politicians have been spouting about Brexit, and are now having no trouble crowdfunding their campaign to actually pay for billboards and ensure the posters stay up for a month :) crowdfunder.co.uk/by-donkeys

Ugh! One of my 'friends' on the bird site posted this and it is such appallingly bad science. It includes sugars as 'plant-based foods' and hence concludes that eating more plants is making people fat!

[And the person who posted it should know better and is now muted.]

This is just bloody awesome, and I love the physical seed library they have made: connectedseeds.org/visit

“The Connected Seeds Library lives at Spitalfields City Farm in east London. A seed library works a bit like a regular book lending library. In order to borrow seeds from the library you will need to become a member. Members can take seeds home to grow, and are encouraged to return some of the seeds to the library at the end of the season, in order to maintain the stock of available seeds.”

In the UK the seed potatoes have arrived in the shops and people are holding Potato Days (seed potato sales) across the country. It’s too cold yet to plant them out, so it’s chitting time! theunconventionalgardener.com/

In Nature in 2009, scientists were talking about 9 planetary boundaries, 'safe operating limits' for our home. When they wrote the article, 3 had already been crossed - biodiversity loss, climate change and the nitrogen cycle.

It's worth noting that although it looks as though we were doing fine on atmospheric aerosol loading and chemical pollution, those risks had not been quantified at the time.


I did design a garden once, though. It was round. All gardens should be round. None of this square business. And it has chickens, but you can do it without the chickens.

It's called the Circle of Life garden, and it's all about COMPOST and food.


I am sure you will also enjoy another pair of Graham Burnett classics, illustrating the difference between the industrial cup of tea and the permaculture cup of tea :)

On Monday we made our first focaccia. Because we were out yesterday there was some left that would be past its best tomorrow, so we have turned it into crunchy croutons :)

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