New zine will come with reproduction ‘ephemera’ - photos, a newspaper clipping and a certificate - so that it really does feel like you’re flipping through a file.

That’s the plan, anyway.

I have printed a mock-up of the new zine, although the content isn’t complete yet.

While I really like the paper fasteners, they don’t make it easy to read, so may have to revert to staples. Will see what hubby thinks when he gets home.

sweary, working for free 

TIL there's a British wildflower with the common name WEASEL'S SNOUT.

[Alternatively known as the Lesser Snapdragon, which is less exciting.]

Anybody think the PM would be tweeting this (alongside government propaganda about being the greenest government ever) if XR weren't creating a stink in London?

(Don't worry, it isn't going unchallenged 😀 )

People are asking why XR feel the need to break the law, and inconvenience people, in their bid to get the Climate Emergency message across.

The answer is that that’s what it takes to get MSM coverage. The current protests in London were barely mentioned on the BBC News website until the arrests started. Day 4 of the protests, and only now are the lead story in the Science and Environment section.

PFAF suggests that Opium poppies grown in the UK climate won't produce much opium anyhow.

However, Opium poppies are grown here (under license) for medicinal use. This field is right by my house (photo from a few years ago).

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