Anybody think the PM would be tweeting this (alongside government propaganda about being the greenest government ever) if XR weren't creating a stink in London?

(Don't worry, it isn't going unchallenged 😀 )

People are asking why XR feel the need to break the law, and inconvenience people, in their bid to get the Climate Emergency message across.

The answer is that that’s what it takes to get MSM coverage. The current protests in London were barely mentioned on the BBC News website until the arrests started. Day 4 of the protests, and only now are the lead story in the Science and Environment section.

PFAF suggests that Opium poppies grown in the UK climate won't produce much opium anyhow.

However, Opium poppies are grown here (under license) for medicinal use. This field is right by my house (photo from a few years ago).

Garden cities were “renowned for attracting avowedly political residents like feminists and suffragettes, socialists, anarchists, simple lifers, vegetarians, anti-vivisectionists, and the entire panopoly of highly interesting and extremely intelligent people who usually went under the generic soubriquet of ‘cranks’.”

In 2017 we ate fruit from this wild/feral cherry plum. Fingers crossed there will be more this year.

I am trying to write a very serious article about some very interesting research on the first Martian breccia meteorite found on Earth, and I am being distracted by John Bercow's jumper.

There are one or two new leaves on the horse chestnuts today, but up high where I can’t get a good photo.

Couple more days and this big fat bud should open though :)

This will be a garden escapee - it now lives on the wild side of the hedge.

Our local area has an odd history, so I don’t know whether the violets (white and purple) are wild or feral.

I have been working on a new zine this afternoon. It has nothing to do with plants.

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