People are asking why XR feel the need to break the law, and inconvenience people, in their bid to get the Climate Emergency message across.

The answer is that that’s what it takes to get MSM coverage. The current protests in London were barely mentioned on the BBC News website until the arrests started. Day 4 of the protests, and only now are the lead story in the Science and Environment section.

‘Ken Marsh, chairman of the Met Police Federation, said it was "very, very difficult" for police to deal with the activists as "we have never dealt with something like this before".’

@UnconventionalEmma "But critics say they cause unnecessary disruption" 😂

@UnconventionalEmma it does seem to be a tactic that works.

I do fear though that the media will shift the narrative to "look at these criminals."

@carbontwelve I’m sure the right wing press is already doing that.

But I think XR have chosen their targets well. People on the street don’t have a lot of love for Shell, and many who use the ‘public’ transport system are fed up with paying through the nose for a cramped and cruddy service.

And I don’t think many people will have much patience with the police arresting 400+ peaceful protestors. They will see it as a pointless waste of resources, since it is not putting a dent in the protest.

I hope, anyway :_earth:

@UnconventionalEmma @carbontwelve it’s not for everyone, especially disabled people who rely on public transport, but I’ve seen so many people saying their 1-2 hours walk/cycle to work through a pedestrianised London was way better than a <1 hour commute

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