I was really down and miserable over the weekend, but I am feeling slightly perkier this morning, and so I have penned a solarpunk blog post for my readers:

The idea being that I will focus on, and be a source of, light and hope rather than despair.

Whilst people need to know that the planet is in an atrocious state, the constant barrage of negativity doesn't seem to be motivating anybody to do anything about it. Hopefully solarpunk's stories about positive futures can be the carrot to science's stick.

@UnconventionalEmma I wasn't familiar with solarpunk. I enjoyed the blog post in your link. Thank you

Cheers, nice post! Great to see 'punk' getting reclaimed. I think the best thing about it is when it's a personal reclamation too, the idea that you're going to just get on with something because you can, not wait for others to approve it. Although the flipside of punk/anarchism is that there's also a mutual respect - that you're not preventing others from doing likewise.
Will check out the reading list πŸ˜€

@scribe Thanks! I was a child in the 80s, growing up with really conservative parents. The wallpaper of my childhood was punks and squatting, unions and strikes, and looking at how all of that has been squashed and how even peaceful protest has been demonised, I am quite horrified.

Yeah, there's little opportunity to take over spaces - online and offline - as a 'public' act these days. Surveillance and private networks have taken over. I wish there was a way to translate the mindset behind the distributed movement online into something offline as well. Federated public spaces...

Funny, was an 80s child too, but more just urban than punk... Feels like we have a duty to reinstill that and keep it alive, huh?

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