Ok, nice people. I am trying something new, and have put* a forum on my website today, and I need some beta users to give it a go :)

The idea is to create a friendly and welcoming place where people can discuss practical environmental stuff without fear of the kind of unpleasant responses you get elsewhere, that will also build up into a useful repository of ideas and experience.

It's here: theunconventionalgardener.com/

You will need to create an account. I may need to verify that and your first few posts - I'm not 100% sure how it works yet :)

If you have any problems, or constructive ideas, you can comment on the forum or you can drop me a line here.

[*Ryan is doing the technical bits, thank you Ryan!]


I am aware that there is an issue with editing posts - it works for Ryan, but not for me (on different OSes and with different browsers!), so we are looking into that.

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