You can’t walk 10 feet without encountering a take away, and restaurant portions are huge, and office life is unbearable without cake, and a frothy coffee has a day’s worth of calories, and we’re bombarded everywhere with ads for unhealthy food, but its our fault we’re fat.


@UnconventionalEmma And the suburbs are designed so you can’t walk anywhere, and the green spaces have been built on, and cycling is dangerous, and schools have sold their playing fields, and air pollution is at dangerous levels so you can’t go out, but of course it’s our fault we’re fat.

"Planners" have an adorable way to discuss whether a community is "pedestrian scaled" or not. THE ICE CREAM TEST: If a fourth grader can peddle their bike somewhere in relative safety to buy an ice cream cone, the community passes the ice cream test and is considered pedestrian scaled! I love this.

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