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I am tired of listening to the opinions of people who have no intention of reciprocating.

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Right then. If I have done this correctly, the brand spanking new print version of my 'Keep Calm and Grow Food' is now available for UK people to purchase from my brand spanking new Etsy shop:

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Hello, I am Emma. I am into and , and trying to save the planet. I’m an early bird who lives on tea and naps, and I make my living as a freelance science writer, although what I’d like to do is write about plants and gardening and saving the planet :)

Having read an article about it, I have just signed up for Postcrossing (, which is a website for people to send postcards to people all around the world. It randomly picks a recipient for you to send a card to, and then you receive one from another randomly chosen sender.

It looks like a really nice way to learn a bit about other cultures and get good post from friendly people 😀

If he hadn’t left, Husband 1.0 and I would have been married for 17 years today.

Instead, he has been gone for 7 years and I have been married to Husband 2.0 for 7 months, which is much nicer :blobheart:

I feel that “INEOS can go frack themselves” would look good on a t-shirt.

TIL a new word: psephologist

=someone who studies elections and voting statistics

Don't think I will use it much, though.

In Madagascar, teenagers are learning new farming techniques (compost!) to protect their rainforest environment: :_earth:

Ooh, don’t like this idea at all: “tipping your colleagues”.

Seems like another way to discriminate against introverts, if you ask me, and a way to ensure people focus on popularity rather than productivity.

TIL the difference between Hominid and Hominin, although it seems my spellchecker didn't get the memo.

Basically... all the existing and extinct Great Apes are Hominids.

Whereas all of the existing and extinct species of humans are now Hominins.

UK pol, climate emergency 

Radical environmentalism 

It's the International Year of the Periodic Table, and what I'm working on today is the Alkali Metal installment of a series of articles.

'Transition Metals' was the first to be published, if you are interested:

TIL that the fallback method of producing oxygen on the International Space Station involves burning canisters of alkali metals:

It's called chemical oxygen generation.

[The main system uses electrolysis - splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. But they still rely on fresh supplies from Earth.]

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