Pronouns, awkward 

Someone I'm not out to keeps asking for my pronouns!!!! I don't want to come out lmao and they are asking if my birth gender pronouns are ok and like no!!!! They're not ok!!! So I just avoided answering the question....

And they also asked if "they/them" is fine because my girlfriend uses that for me, and I said they're good pronouns but they still asked if I am OK with birth pronouns :'(((( and when I avoided the question (just changed the subject lol) they still use wrong gendered words for me :'(((


Pronouns, awkward 

They're a trans friend of my girlfriend so idk why they keep asking lol, I thought at this point it would be obvious that I'm either not out or don't want to talk about it :'(

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Pronouns, awkward 

They're a nice person but I wish they'd stop misgendering me and just assume "they" is fine since my trans girlfriend keeps using those for me

Pronouns, awkward 

Like idk at this point I feel like them asking for my pronouns and asking what I identify as is just to satisfy their own curiosity...

Seems easier to just copy my girlfriend and use they (who was there at the time they asked) since my girlfriend probably knows my pronouns and if I'm not out to her, I can't tell them either since my girlfriend was literally there when they asked lol

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