Feminism and sexism do not get discussed anywhere near enough online. Now I see male leftists imply or outright state that sexism isn't that big of a deal anymore - "sure, there's some minor issues with slut shaming and wage gaps but it's not a big deal". They say, "it's not as bad as racism or classism or other forms of discrimination", but don't seem to care about those issues all that much. It seems like a way to just shut feminists up because their issues "aren't that bad".

I'm sick of the gaslighting surrounding sexism, about how it's "not a big" deal. Cis men ignore people hurt by sexism when they say how much it affects them. It's not a big deal because they don't care, it doesn't affect them. Sexism is so prevelant and deeply ingrained in society that no one notices or cares. I'd go into more detail of the harm sexism creates, but I'd have to add way more content warnings to this posts because of how vile all of it is.


Also, people who say "sexism isn't as bad as x" are just trying to pin the different opressed groups against each other. It doesn't matter whether one group or another "has it worse", we are all in this together. Systems of opression overlap greatly and people experience the same type of opression differently. One white woman may be completely content but another might feel extremely disempowered by sexism. More importantly, sexism affects more than just white able bodied middle class cis straight women, and people who say stuff like that are ignoring the many people for whom the effects of sexism are multiplied greatly because of other identities they may belong to.

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@Some_Person Many persons like to overlook the intersectional effects multiplying/exponentializing multiple kinds of discrimination.

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