Autism Stereotypes 

Maybe the reason NTs think that autistic people don't have facial expressions and have a monotone voice is because they just can't read facial expressions that aren't NT lol

Personally every autistic person I have met had very expressive facial expressions and tone of voice, even ones who themselves thought they were monotone. Way more expressive than NTs, at least in my opinion.

Autism Stereotypes 

@Some_Person I've noticed among others I've been with that we usually have just very different associations for expressions, not that none of us express anything. NT folk just don't know how to read our output correctly, and take it as being blank/monotonous simply due to it not matching "normal".

Autism Stereotypes 

@dotUser yeah, my girlfriend is autistic and she has very unique facial expressions, but once I've been around her enough I can read her facial expressions and tone so well that I can almost guess what she's thinking. My girlfriend is also very good at telling how I feel and can recognise when I'm overstimulated very easily even if I don't say anything, but she had to be around me enough to learn what all of my unique facial expressions mean.

@Some_Person I think quite a lot of NT people I've come across just aren't good at reading facial expressions, period. A lot of people don't really look at people while they're talking. I wonder whether it's to do with communicating through methods other than face-to-face more often now.

And yeah, I also have always been able to read autistic people. Sometimes better, because they tend to hide their feelings less. I kind of watch people a lot though, so possibly I'm unusual in this.

re: Autism Stereotypes 

@Some_Person I've been asked if some of the faces I make are tics, and honestly I don't notice the expressions I make that much.

Deeefinitely not monotone though, unless something's seriously wrong and I'm 100% shutting down.

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