Sexism, sexual assault 

I feel like a lot of cishet white men see sexism as just a slight difference of statistics between the groups. Just being a little more likely to not get the job, a little more likely to earn less, etc.

It is so much more than that. It is the casual conversations with your female friends about their boyfriends sexually assaulting them. It is the constant messages that you are literally less human or a different species to cis men. It is the constant stream of "you are biologically inferior", and the dismissal of your concerns and emotions if you dare to complain about it. Often, these types of messages are pushed on you from birth. They're so ingrained in our society that no one even notices, even though they're so glaringly obvious.

This type of shit is traumatic. It isn't just about earning a few cents less per dollar on average.


Sexism, sexual assault, racism 

Also, I think there is a very similar issue with racism. I am very white passing though, so I don't think I'll be able to bring much to the table regarding this topic, there are much better people to listen to than me. I just hope people realise how opression isn't just small statistical differences in life quality, it's a constant stream of abuse and dehumanisation.

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