Genital discussion, transphobia, sex, TMI descriptions 

Kinda tired of people being like "it's not gay to fuck a trans person!" and then list only things that have to do with hrt as reasons...

The reason it's not gay for a cis guy to fuck a trans girl *isn't* because her dick can't get hard and she doesn't jizz. It's because she's a girl. If she had a 12 inch penis and could jizz across the room, it's still not gay! Same with trans guys! It's still gay for a trans guy to fuck a cis guy, doesn't matter if he still has boobs or not or what his genitals look like.

I assume a lesbian wouldn't want to fuck a cis guy with an erectile dysfunction. However a trans girl who can get hard and jizz is still a girl and therefore it's still gay.

Can't wait for people to stop obsessing over trans people's genitals.


Genital discussion, transphobia, sex, TMI descriptions 

Oh also tbh I literally don't care if a cis person wants to fuck me. Why would the validity of my gender rely on whether I'm fuckable or not?

If someone has a genital preference and doesn't want to fuck, good for them! I don't care! That doesn't impact my gender in any way.

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