Sexism, gender roles 

Gnc women are still not very accepted by society. It annoys me to see people compare the struggles gnc women face with struggles of gnc men, as if what gnc women go through is not significant or less bad. It's such a common idea but I just don't think it's true.

People's idea of a gnc woman is a hot cis white girl wearing a hoodie playing video games. These girls still get harassment, which often doesn't get mentioned, and they're the most accepted type.

Hairy women are not very accepted. Women who are sexually unavailable to cis white men are not accepted. Women who don't fit into societal ideals of attractiveness do not get accepted.

It continues to multiply if you're not white, if you're trans, queer, etc.

Just look at how black gnc women are treated. They are dehumanised and harassed.

Theres more gnc women than just white pretty cis gamers (and even they get a lot of harassment).

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Sexism, gender roles, sexual assault 

I knew someone who got harassed out of her physics degree. She just couldn't stand it anymore. But sure, let's pretend girls having "masculine" hobbies is accepted.

I know girls who get told they're disgusting or unhygienic for having body hair.

Trans women (and cis women) get told they look like men if they have body hair or short head hair.

Women who aren't submissive get rape threats and/or men trying to pressure them into subbing.

Gnc women need more acceptance than they have.

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