There's no way you have to act, look or feel to be a specific gender.

You are you because you just are, you don't need a justification.


For the men/boys/guys 

You can wear whatever you want and be cute :)

You can be pretty if you wish as well.

You don't have to be big or tall to be a "real man".

You can feel pretty and soft and that doesn't make you a girl.

Crying at sad movies or wanting to hug cute animals is a man thing to do if you're a man :)

Wanting your face and nails to be sparkly is very understandable, and again doesn't make you any less of who you are.

There's no way you have to act or look to be considered a man if that's just who you are.

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For the men/boys/guys 

This obviously goes for all men, cis and trans.

If you're a big tall bearded guy, you can still be soft and cute and pretty :)

Being pretty or beautiful isn't reserved for girls only. It's for everyone.

If you're short and small, you can also be cute and soft without invalidating your manhood. Or you can still be a strong protector if you wish, being small doesn't disqualify you from that role.

Men should be allowed to feel pretty and cute, wear lipstick and eye-liner if that makes them feel happy :) including big tall bearded men! Not just small delicate guys look cute in makeup and frilly dresses (although they do look gorgeous!)

The expectations placed on men are unfair and I hope you can have a safe space to be vulnerable and gentle.

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@Some_Person everyone is most beautiful when they're being themselves x3

For the men/boys/guys 

@Some_Person Amen to all of this! πŸ’›

For the men/boys/guys 

@Some_Person good toot thank you

For the men/boys/guys 

@Some_Person don't forget crying at happy movies!

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