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I feel like the idea of the "dick as a power symbol" is very obviously sexist and we should try to counteract this idea. You can see it everywhere in society - men being seen as more powerful and confident if they have a big dick for example, the whole "big dick energy" thing etc.

This idea harms very many people. It harms afab people, as they have to grow up being told that their genitals are weak and make them submissive. It can be traumatising to live in a society that shames you in that way. It can also be harmful to trans women, who are seen as "predatory" in female bathrooms, I think partly because of this dick as a power symbol idea. There is nothing about a dick that inherently makes it more powerful and dangerous. It's just some floppy organ that can be easily hurt. This idea also hurts men with small dicks, as they are seen as weaker and less worthy.

There is nothing about dicks that makes them strong or powerful, and that very idea is just sexism.

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You can also see this in discussions of penetrative sex. The penis is seen as the thing that is dominating.

This does not make sense. As my brother put it, if you are choking someone, is your hand being dominated by their neck? And yet this idea of being penetrated being a submissive position is so widespread.

Often, giving oral to a penis is seen as submissive, and yet one of the people has a sensitive organ in someone's teeth.

This reasoning is obviously guided by sexism and has to try so hard to defy and logic, as sexism so often does.


Genital discussion, sexism, sex 

To fully get rid of sexism we need to stop attaching certain qualities or personality traits to genitals.

They are literally just fleshy organs that are tbh, pretty insignificant and don't define a person at all. Putting one fleshy bit into someone else's fleshy bit doesn't make you dominant, and it does not make the other person submissive. If you think about it like this it becomes really clear that none of it actually makes sense.

We should try to not equate penises to power or strength. I think "big dick energy" is the most obvious example of this on the left. It is important to think how we view different genitals and whether we have any subconscious biases regarding these things.

Genital discussion, sexism, sex 

@Some_Person Signed. Also? We gotta stop with "pussy" for weak things.

Genital discussion, sexism, sex 

@wraidd yes, as well as "grow some balls"

As if growing something fragile and easily hurt is going to make you stronger.... makes no sense :/

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