My interests change too often to have a job under capitalism. I find a new skill and want to work on it for a few months and share the things I create. Drawing art for people for a couple of months, then maybe sharing some vegetables I grew, maybe bake bread and try out many recipes for a couple of weeks and open up a mini Cafe for a bit with some chairs I have at home and an old table to let people try my bread for free. Teach people a language and have them teach me theirs another time. I want to learn and teach and create without feeling restricted by what I have to do to survive.

@Some_Person ;—; Thank you! You’re tooting exactly what I feel and struggle with because capitalism and „choose on path, you’re late already, and perfectionize this path! No changing!“

@Some_Person I was extremely lucky that several things aligned to get me in to computer security because it gave me the opportunity to do lots of different things as part of my career. That said, it's been really difficult and I'm constantly pressured to "focus on one thing"... Especially "at this point" in my career. Capitalism is hostile to people with ADHD and other neuroatypicality, even when some of us can survive and "do well" in it.

And no matter what, it feels stifling...

@Some_Person even when I do get to do what I want, I constantly have to prove that what I'm doing is valuable. Like... For fuck sake I've been doing what I do for 10 years. I'm an adult. I know what needs to happen. "Please fuck off and let me do my job. If you fuck off, I will solve your problems faster."

Capitalism is the slow annihilation of the spirit, the crushing of the will, under the vast ineptitude of "leadership" and "management."

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