My kohlrabi is ready to eat!!! I'm gonna eat it tomorrow morning, so excited! I haven't had one since I was about 7 :0

More pictures of my kohlrabi because I think it looks so cool. You can eat both the leaves and the bulb, I'm giving some of the more damaged leaves to our chickens :)

You know, I'm not sure if I've ever actually tried kohlrabi...

@InvaderXan I've never seen them sold in shops, which is why I haven't tried it since I was 7 and my parents grew it for us. They taste a bit like broccoli and cabbage, which makes sense since they're the same species :) I also love them because of how cool they look, I'm thinking of even growing them on the front yard because they look kinda decorative. They're probably my favourite vegetable.

@Some_Person @InvaderXan I started growing them after I couldn't find them in shops as well. Crisp and crunchy, fresh and salted! It's summer and childhood for me.

@stitchwitchery @InvaderXan I wonder why they don't sell them in shops, they're similar to broccoli and cabbage which is found in shops all the time... They seem easy to grow too

@Some_Person @InvaderXan they don't jive with factory farming. They take up too much space per plant. I've actually seen them in a few shops in recent years, but they can't hold a candle to garden fresh. (Like most thinks lol) P.s. if you've eaten a broccoli stalk, you know a good approximation to it's flavor.

@stitchwitchery @InvaderXan Oh, I guess that makes sense, I solve the space issue by just planting radishes close to them, and they can grow together pretty well so it makes a good use of the space

@Some_Person @stitchwitchery
I thought it was also a cultural thing? I heard they're quite popular and easy to find in some parts of Asia.

@InvaderXan @Some_Person I'd bet that plays in to it. It's a shame, more people should be blessed with these funky little guys.

@stitchwitchery @Some_Person
I feel like a lot of people aren't very adventurous in what they eat. Which is probably why most people only ever eat like, the same 5 or 6 vegetables for the most part.

The Dutch had a movement that translates to "old vegetables" - that is, encouraging people to grow eat and enjoy vegetables that have otherwise fallen out of fashion. So a lot of fancy Dutch restaurants will serve vegetables that I can't identify. I don't remember kohlrabi specifically, but I approve of the idea.
@stitchwitchery @Some_Person

You get a little of this in the form of "heirloom" varieties but these tend to be aimed at the prestige foods crowd rather than as routine food items.

By contrast, the market in Groningen had a potato stall, with at least twenty varieties. You'd tell the guy what you wanted to go with them (boil, bake, mash, fry...) and he'd recommend a variety with cooking instructions.
@stitchwitchery @Some_Person

@anne @InvaderXan @Some_Person Oh, I am very much down for this! Yes. Yes. Yes. Where I am (upper Midwest US) there has been a wonderful trend in restaurant cuisine, many are just as likely to serve cheeseburgers as they are to serve fiddleheads. Also (OMG) seasonally rotating menus are starting to become commonplace. Gimmie those heirloom veggies!!!

@stitchwitchery @anne @Some_Person
Seasonal variations are a thing I like a lot. It was something I really liked in Japan. Certain fruit, for instance, are only available at certain times of year, and they match the seasons. In Springtime, you start finding nashi on sale in groceries. In early Summer, it's biwa season.

And it's great. It makes those things feel a bit more special than just having them available anytime.

@InvaderXan @Some_Person Roughly half of my friends fall into that category. We are all quite poor, and most of them were raised on food that came out of boxes. Being blessed with a mother who gradened, and inheriting her Green thumb, I've appointed myself veggie ambassador to everyone. Something I count as my greatest achievements was getting my most picky of friends to not only try ”the weird purple thing” AKA an eggplant but also come back for seconds and thirds! Nothing is quit like having the privilege of feeding people plants you grew yourself.💚

@Some_Person Yummy! I love kohlrabi! You're making me very antsy for summer! feeling for garden veggies, am I right?

@stitchwitchery I hope you'll be able to enjoy a kohlrabi soon! It's a great vegetable!

@Some_Person when I first grew carrots and they got ripe to be eaten, I got sad and cried

I was rooting for them for so long to live, to grow, and suddenly they were there.

To fulfill their destiny. To be eaten.

it was so hard to kill them

@uint8_t I was procrastinating on eating my kohlrabi for a couple of days, it was so pretty and I've waited so long for it... It was so hard to cut into it, but I have another one on the way, so that made it easier.

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