"Garden Cities of Tomorrow proposed that society be reorganised with networks of garden cities that would break the strong hold of capitalism and lead to cooperative socialism. It proposed the creation of new suburban towns of limited size, planned in advance, and surrounded by a permanent belt of agricultural land."

@RuttokansanTuote Wow, thanks for sharing! I found an epub of the book and I've added it to my collection on my ebook

@RuttokansanTuote although the names for the long term healthcare facilities are certainly not PC by modern standards, there has at least been some thought in their location to give a significant amount of space to patients, and not put busy roads or other hazards in that area.

My day job is in tech and infrastructure design for healthcare and although my employers try *not* to make "prison" type buildings free movement of patients outdoors is very much limited by roads/motor traffic..

Silly humor 

@RuttokansanTuote the first one is amazing. "sewage farm"??? giant loop-de-loop railway? how does every city not have this?

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