I've been researching a lot of these eco-villages and communes for my class project on resilient community design and there is a huge design flaw in all of these groups. An complete and total lack of diversity.

Sure everyone shares everything 100% but you know what that means? Everyone is expected to contribute all of their money and all of their labor. In some cases, they are sharing mortgages etc. No one can just leave these types of arrangements... It's scary. This is just terrible design...


To delve into this more, I would say you do need a group of people that agree to a certain vision or goal. Yes. But I have no clue yet how to work around finances. Money is difficult because for some it means getting medicine and medical care they might be able to get within a group. It means having to navigate two worlds essentially, capitalism and the world you're trying to create where that doesn't exist. So I think accessibility, financial organization, and diversity need a big overhaul.

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