I'm gonna share a humongous block of text on NFT's, Web 3.0, Blockchains, and Bitcoin. It's just my realizations and hypothetical. But I think we all need to be aware of what's going on. This may turn into an article at some point after I do a lot of research.

Long story short: It's a global greenwashed company town scheme.

It is done. Please be advised that it is full of sarcasm and uses fictional scenarios to project dystopian possibilities behind these technologies based on trends today.


If you write dystopias you might get inspired. If you write solarpunk. Take the scenarios and shatter them for me. I'll read it and smile.

@RadioAngel I just finished Scenario 1.


It's like, there are a lot of things that are messed up about the currency system we have, but crypto solves the least important one at the expense of creating new/old problems like company stores that only accept company scrip, and losing all your money to a well dressed vagabond claiming to be hiding and protecting the Grand Duchess Anastasia or some shit.

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