You ever just realize something so big, that you just have to sit and write it all down at once? Just to get it on a page where you can then try to process it again? I'm having one of those... Will try to summarize it all for you later.

ok, I can process it now.... I've been reading all these overviews of productivity books analyzing artists and inventors etc. and they all focus on the productivity tools. They all focus on the 10,000+ hrs to mastery. They all think that people can only master 1-3 things in their lifetimes and nothing more. That the genius or 'renaissance man' was essentially something of the past.And it got me thinking...

That just can't be true! So I looked over them again and they kept bringing up Leonardo da Vinci and this one guy who just mastered nearly everything and they couldn't figure out how he did it. So they focused on his journals (his productivity system). But then it hit me... All these people have been told in their lifetime that they can get more done if only they put more work into what they are doing and if they are organized enough...

Then I remembered that whole analogy or whatever of the 3 legged stool standing for a well rounded person etc. I see where they got their assumptions. But... When I looked at da Vinci's work, that's not what I saw. I saw something like the picture I'm gonna attach here.

That's not a stool. Leonardo da Vinci had interests that spanned sports, engineering, anatomy and art. Just to go into specifics... What does that all have in common?


Body Mechanics>Sports>Anatomy>Engineering>Drafting>Art

They're interconnected only in the fact that they revolved around one another with a core interest. The productivity sytem, the skills? That's just the bolts holding it all together.

If that's true, da Vinci didn't have to spend 10,000+ hours to master each thing. He spent all of his time mastering one. The rest came from it or were tools learned to become more efficient.

So, really. Almost all that productivity stuff is bullshit. As long as you know what tools for learning work for you and you know what your core interest is. You could be a da Vinci too.

@RadioAngel I think this is right. The key thing is to learn how to learn (which everyone does differently). Anything can follow from that


@james Yup. Gotta know what tools work for you.

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