Minority Report: Does free will mean predestination doesn't exist? How can pre-crime centered around a higher intelligence, or artificial, determine our guilt in light of free will? Can a system be flawless? Is pre-crime ethical? Is policing?

The Matrix: What if your preconceptions about reality were false and used to manipulate you? What happens when you change how you see the world? What happens when you question everything and think for yourself? Now that you know, what do you do with that knowledge?

Equilibrium: what makes us human? Emotion? Humanity? What causes us to war with each other? Who decides who gets to feel? Can there be a just society without balance? What is utopia? What is dystopia? How do we distinguish the two? Without humanity, how do we decide what is right or wrong? Does it even exist?


There's more for each of these but that's all I could come with atm.

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