Holy crap! I've finally found my instrument! It costs $900 though. 0_0 how... I need ideas... I'm gonna need to diy myself out of this...

I've got a metric ton of bookmarks... It's a start... What else can I make? What do people like that's handmade in spring?

I could go back to oil pastel cartoon characters. ... I make bad ass oil pastel speed drawings. So, since I might make some to sell and they are on paper, poster sized. What should I sell them for? $20-$30 ea.? I'm really bad at actually pricing my work. I don't wanna take advantage.

Here's the instrument. I didn't know it existed and I love the violin but thanks to being a lefty and poor I can't afford lessons. And since I came down with dysautonomia I can't keep my arms up to play. But this? Solves every problem...


@RadioAngel Oh I love the hurdy-gurdy, one of my most favorite instruments ever!!! Please toot about your lessons and your instrument when you have it :rainbowdance:


@Fenris If I can fundraise it I will record, scan, upload, and otherwise document it in it's entirety. Maybe I could make a free zine too. I feel like zine making is going to end up being a big hobby of mine.

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