Future Proof yourself:

- Learn a language or two. Get some language pins for your jacket so you can help translate when other need help, also free language practice partners. Immigrants can go months without speaking because no one speaks their language. Be the person that does.

- Learn how to mend and/or make your own clothes.

- Learn how to navigate with a map and compass.

- Have a go bag together Incase of emergency. Keep an encrypted jump drive or two with your important documents backed up to it and anything else you may need. (Maps, phone numbers, travel guides, first aid books, list of shelters, medication lists, etc.)

- Get a jump drive and install Tails.

- Learn good password security, gpg, etc.

- Know where to meet others I case of emergency. Have locations for different events (hurricane, wild fire etc.) In mind.

- Learn basic first aid.

- Learn how to grow your own food I different conditions. (Indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, keyhole, spiral etc. Know your soil.

- Learn how to pick a lock.

- Learn good car maintenance and/or repair.

- Learn how to keep warm in winter and ways to filter water if necessary.

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- Can you start a fire? Learn a few different ways.

- Learn how to preserve food.

- Learn how to avoid disease + good sanitation in a few different conditions.

- Know who to talk to if your community needs to rebuild and what you can offer.

- Always be prepared to help others and plan accordingly.

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- Know who in your community will need help first and how you can help, or who you can get to help.

- Know where the local hospitals, veterinary clinics, and doctors offices are.

- Practice alternative routes to places you may need to go.

- Know in advance where shelters may set up. Generally it will be at a school auditorium, however, some cities may have a different set up.

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That's all I can think of now. The goal is this, be prepared to the point where you don't have to think but can follow a prearranged plan. If you end up in shock for any reason, you won't be able to think up a plan on the spot.

Also, comfort items will help dull shock. So a blanket, tea packets, etc. Not just for yourself but others can do wonders.

Oh! And don't forget to pack personal hygiene items!

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