I just finished reading this piece and I think that they are right. Not only do we as solarpunks and lunarpunks need to think about a utopian future... We need to start accepting that what we think is utopian may be drastically different in a few years. What does utopia look like if you've lost your home? What does it look like if your entire community becomes homeless due to disaster? What kind of services would need? What types of mutual aid could be set up? How does our perception of utopia change when we finally accept that we will never attain the ideal due to rampant climate change? How do we change our actions today and tomorrow for what is to come?

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@RadioAngel "a paradise built in hell" is a good book focusing along similar lines

the history of disaster is a history of tragedies but also of utopias

@cascode Thanks for the book rec! I'll check to see if my Library has it.

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