Things I've noticed playing video games:

- Guys will do anything to ruin a game for you.

- They will only vote for other white males, even if it's just a digital avatar.

- You will get to know your mute and block buttons like family members in the first week playing games.

- You won't get votes if: you are not white, not a man, use non male game characters (unless they are almost nude), or have a feminine sounding username.

- There are never enough accessibility options.

- Just block everyone on your Xbox account seriously. ... It's better that way.

- Don't accept any friend requests.

- If you are a livestreamer and female, but don't use it for your male audiences viewing pleasure. Acting hyper feminine etc. Becoming a paid livestreamer isn't going to happen any time soon.


Bright sides:

- You have the power to mute men at will.

- You can skew their votes.

- You probably play better than them anyways.

- You can join LGBT, BIPOC, Spoonies, Chronically Ill, and Disabled groups.

- You can meet genuine people that are amazing and help support each other through the realm of B.S. that people spew.

- You'll make friends for life.

- You will learn a lot about all sorts of topics from historical significance to current politics and everything in between.

- You'll probably become a badass activist.

- You'll realize that your voice matters and you can use it to uplift others as well as yourself.

- Unlimited confidence.

- Real life meetings of your digital friends.

- Table top games that bipass all problematic storylines, are inclusive, and better than the originals.

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