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Job Begging (Cyber Edition) 

I recently quit my food service job for school and my mental health, my family is willing to help me out between jobs, but I don't like feeling like a burden. If anyone has writing, front end webdev, or any south florida physical labor (from farming to tattoos I do the most) that needs done, let me know! I don't take charity tho so if you're tryna donate find someone more disadvantaged please. Sorry to interrupt your scrolling, have a good one!

Nonexistent nations?? Busted phone? 

I got a call from a number with a +2 nation code. So far as I can find there isn't a nation with that code, and despite having international calling, trying to call back just calls verizon. I am confusion. (Since it's not a possibly real number imma post this under the safe assumption it's not doxing)

Drug content, bad puns 

I'm 20 today... Score.

Sunbeam City 🌻

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